Pest Control Buffalo NY

Known for its reliability and dedication to customer service, Buffalo Lawn & Landscape is amongst one of the top-rated lawn care companies Buffalo NY has. It's through our team of highly-skilled and trained technicians as well as our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service that makes not only our service stand out but our green lawns too. Part of our comprehensive program includes pest control services in Buffalo NY to eradicate the mosquitos plaguing your yard, the grubs eating up the grass and insects causing harm to the trees and shrubs. You've invested in your yard so it's only appropriate that the landscaping companies in Buffalo NY you've dealt with like us feature a way to keep your property looking good. For pest control services in Buffalo NY, we can provide a perimeter barrier to prevent the insects from coming inside your home. By spraying around the foundation of the house and creating a shield which includes areas like driveways and flowerbeds, we can help keep the insects that tend to invade the home to a minimum. This is the ideal solution without having to use insecticides inside the house where your children and dogs are playing while also not affecting any services that lawn care companies in Buffalo NY like us provide. As far as many landscape companies in Buffalo NY go, our pest control services include monthly service throughout the summer to minimize all kinds of insects. When you choose us for your lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY, our team of trained technicians will be able to identify any issues weekly when they come out to cut the grass so we can manage issues like grubs or tree damaging insects before they have a chance to ruin the lawn or landscaping. In regards to mosquitos, we can include spraying for these insects along with our lawn mowing services in Buffalo NY to make it safer and more tolerable to enjoy being outdoors. Along with those itchy red spots, mosquitos can also carry viruses like the West Nile Virus and Zika Virus which is why we opt to treat the area about every three weeks in order to keep the mosquito population to a minimum - however, based on the amount of activity we can shorten it down to as little as one application. We also can help rid the yard of fleas and ticks so everyone including the pets can enjoy being outdoors and free from such issues as Lyme Disease. For landscaping, the Emerald Ash Borer has a villainous streak because they bring in a great deal of issues by feeding on ash trees essentially destroying them. If you notice this problem or one of our technicians identifies these insects, there is generally still time to save the tree. We can provide tree injections to help the tree fight off these insects and the damage they cause. Our program ensures that you'll have two years of protection against these pests. This is the only way to save the tree because taking no action means the tree will certainly die. At Buffalo Lawn & Landscape, we have the sophisticated equipment and training necessary to provide the right amount of pest control to your home to ensure you can spend time outside in comfort and enjoy the landscaping on your property. We can deliver mulch in Buffalo NY and topsoil in Buffalo NY and spray as necessary to minimize the pests that can plague a home and its surroundings. Trust the professionals dedicated to amazing customer service and call us for all your lawn care and landscaping needs.