Lawn Care Buffalo NY

If you're trying to find dependable lawn care companies in Buffalo NY, you can count on Buffalo Lawn & Landscape to handle all of your property needs. We're a licensed and insured company equipped with the latest in technology to provide you with top-notch service so you have the green and healthy looking lawn you've always wanted. As you drive through the area you'll notice how other lawn care and landscape companies in Buffalo NY treat the grass of their customers but we have a proven history of ensuring that our clients have the best. Whether you own a commercial property or you simply want your home to look its best, you can trust the dedication of Buffalo Lawn & Landscape. Our slogan is: "Making western NY greener one lawn at a time" which means our emphasis is on the health and vigor of the grass on your property. We pay attention to details and, unlike a few of the other landscape companies in Buffalo NY, our customers are more than just a number, they deserve quality. Our green lawns will stand out compared to the other homes on your block so you can rely on our lawn care plans to help your lawn stand out too. Starting in the early spring we lay down an organic fertilizer as well as crabgrass control to help bring the lawn out of its winter dormancy. From here we use established fertilizers to best suit your lawn for the conditions of the weather. This service includes weed control with the goal of stopping any dandelions or weeds from sprouting up. With our employees coming by regularly, especially if you choose us for your lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY, we can be on the lookout for weeds and take care of them before they become an overwhelming issue. Our fall applications ensure the grass remains in good condition so that it can be ready to thrive once again the following year. To help maintain a thriving lawn, we offer special pest control services Buffalo NY program to rid the yard of grubs that can eat and destroy your lawn as well as mosquito control to stave off the peskiest of the pests that can carry the West Nile Virus and other maladies. You can trust Buffalo Lawn & Landscape to tackle all your lawn and landscaping needs. All our programs receive a full warranty so even when Mother Nature throws us a curveball, you can expect that we will do our best to give you the lush green lawn you've always wanted. Our technicians are trained every week from spring through fall so they are current on environmental conditions, what to look for, how to identify weeds, trees and shrubs as well as the first signs of any diseases or issues that may affect your grass's ability to grow strong. Our premium lawn mowing services Buffalo NY programs keeps your grass appearing beautiful and remaining at the perfect height and our capability of delivering Mulch in Buffalo NY means the landscaping beds will look great too! Of all the lawn care companies in Buffalo NY, we're confident that you'll love the work and the customer service that our company provides.