Landscape Maintenance Buffalo NY

At Buffalo Lawn & Landscape we're making western New York greener one lawn at a time so when you're in search of landscaping or lawn care companies in Buffalo NY, you can rely on the ones your neighbor has trusted for years. We provide an all-inclusive lawn and landscape service involving lawn treatment, weekly lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY, pest control services for Buffalo NY and complete landscaping services and maintenance which include pretty much everything except tree removal. When you use Buffalo Lawn & Landscape, you'll have the convenience of everything you need all from one place. If you need lawn renovation, we can help get your grass up to par to make the landscape really flourish which can mean completing aeration and overseeding as well as providing treatments to trees if they are experiencing any diseases or insect invasions. One of the issues facing trees in western New York is the Emerald Ash Borer which is burrowing into the trees and killing them from the inside. When you're searching for landscape companies in Buffalo NY with experience tackling this problem then give us a call. We can provide the lifesaving tree injections to help keep the tree alive and thriving. An investment like that shouldn't be left to the damage these pests can cause on trees. Part of enjoying your landscaping is the ability to go outside and admire how it looks. If you have mosquitos and other pests bugging you or causing damage, no worries, we offer pest control services in Buffalo NY to resolve that issue. Using our pest control services in Buffalo NY will minimize mosquitos and get rid of grubs eating your lawn or insects destroying the trees and shrubs. Our award-winning landscape designs have been helping increase the value of homes and keeping them looking sharp. When it comes to landscape and lawn care companies in Buffalo NY, our team is ready to help you make the outside of your home look incredible. We can add mulch to your beds, take care of the weeds growing out of the flower beds and stone areas and even provide a fresh look to your property. Whether you're looking to add fresh new landscaping like trees, shrubs and even water features or patios, or you're just looking for a reliable company to maintain your landscaping, put your trust in us. For those looking for topsoil in Buffalo NY, we can deliver it to your home and place it where it will improve the look of any flower bed or landscaping area. When it comes to finding a lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY willing to give the customer the high-quality lawn they've always wanted instead of just doing the job and leaving, give Buffalo Lawn & Landscape a call. While there are many options for landscape companies in Buffalo NY, we are the ones who will go out of our way to ensure you have the beautiful green property and thriving landscape you've always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn how our knowledgeable and skilled team of technicians can help you maintain a beautiful yard.