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Buffalo Lawn & Landscape has put customer service first to ensure that you have the green and beautiful lawn that will help you stand out in the neighborhood. When you're in search of lawn care companies in Buffalo NY then you'll want to take a look at what we can offer based on what we've provided to our hundreds of customers over the years. Buffalo Lawn & Landscape is family-owned and local so you can rely on our dedication to provide you with high-quality services. Our business has been open since 1981 and, ever since then, we've provided top-notch lawn and landscaping care to the businesses and residents in Buffalo and the western New York area. As one of the landscape companies in Buffalo NY, we can help your trees and shrubs thrive throughout the summer and winter, as well as give it the necessary assistance to combat any of the diseases and insects that can plague the region all year long. Our main residential services include a lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY which can mean weekly mowing of your grass as well as the appropriate level of trimming, edging, and even cleaning up the yard at the beginning and end of the season. If you're in need of pest control services in Buffalo NY we offer a comprehensive plan to combat the insects that are not just harmful to humans and pets but also fighting the ones that can damage trees and shrubs as well as the grass itself. If you're experiencing grubs or fear going outdoors because of the mosquitos that can ruin a good time , Buffalo Lawn & Landscape can help rid your yard of the pests bugging you. We're unique in that we prefer to establish relationships with our customers. Unlike other lawn care companies in Buffalo NY, we go out of our way to ensure that you have the beautiful lawn you deserve. We use cutting edge technology to not only help monitor your lawn but our technicians are sent out with tablets so we can alert you of any issues we spot and the recommendations we have to deal with it as well as keep you in the loop of progress and even send invoices; all from the field. The funny thing about Buffalo Lawn & Landscape is that we truly do care about the people serve. Unlike many other landscaping companies in Buffalo NY, we treat our customers as something more than a number or a profit, we want our customers to experience a quality lawn and landscaping they can be proud of. At Buffalo Lawn & Landscape we provide a series of maintenance programs for both residential properties as well as commercial properties from lawn and tree care to lawn renovation to aeration and overseeding. We also provide services such as putting down mulch in Buffalo NY and topsoil for Buffalo NY. Our organic based fertilizer is long-lasting and slow feeding for the best and healthiest outcome and we warranty our work so you're guaranteed the best results. We also spot treat weeds so that way we don't blanket the whole lawn with pesticides when it isn't necessary. As part of our "We Mean Green Lawn Care Program", we devise a specific treatment plan to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the summer so you can enjoy a beautiful yard that you and the neighborhood will truly admire. When you're searching for landscape companies in Buffalo NY or want a reliable lawn mowing service in Buffalo NY, give us a call - we're making western New York greener one lawn at a time.